Top 5 Rainbow Metal Fidget Spinners

Metal fidget spinners are great because they are usually better quality and have a heavier feel than the normal plastic fidget spinners.  If you are going to get a metal fidget spinner you might as well opt for an awesome rainbow metal fidget spinner.  It’s a great take on a well done fidget spinner.

Here is our list of the top 5 rainbow fidget spinners.

5. DSSY Metal Rainbow Color Hand

DSSY Metal Rainbow Color

This is the smallest of the list.  Using a smaller form factor “EDC” spinner.  This aluminum spinner is for everyday use.  Easy to keep in your pocket and get a few minute spins in on a whims notice.


4.  DaLanZom Rainbow Fidget Spinner

The DaLanZom spinner has a little different look than the normal spinner.  It is a little more rugged and reminds me a bit of the metalvorks look but smaller and more rainbow.  This spinner is made of premium TC4 Titanium and Brass and spins for 3-5 minutes.


3. ATESSON Fidget Toy Spinner

The ATESSON is just a great metal rainbow take on an the classic fidget design. It is made of aluminum metal with stainless steel bearings.  It spins for 3-5 minutes and is pretty quiet for being a metal spinner.


2. Evermarket New Style EDC Hand Spinner

Number 2 on the list is the Evermarket Hand Spinner.  The reason I like all Evermarket products is that they come with a nice case and they get great reviews.  This one is like the classic fidget spinner shape but with closed circles on the outside making it a “New Style” on an old design. It is made using electroplating aluminium alloy.

1. Evermarket Crab Style Metal Rainbow Spinner

Number one on the list is another Evermarket product in the “crab style” fidget spinner.  This product is great due to it being rainbow metal but also being just a different design.  Makes it look and feel different than the rest. It is made from high quality zinc alloy with ceramic stainless steel hybrid bearings.

And honestly check out the box.

That is high quality thought put into it.


More lists coming soon.  If you have any suggestions for others drop them in the comments.

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