Phone Fidget Spinners (Phonedget Spinners?)

Fidget spinners are quickly becoming the everyday carry item just to destress or have something fun to do.  So it makes to mix most people’s other everyday carry item… a phone.

The fidget spinner on a phone is a new idea but some pretty sweet designs are coming out already.


Cuby customs iPhone fidget spinner

Keep it classic but keep it on a phone.  This is just what it looks like.  It’s a classic style fidget spinner on a phone case.  Easy to keep with you and in black and red it’s a slick color for a fidget spinner and a case.

The spinner is detachable so you can keep it on the phone to spin while using or put it on a desk to get some full spins in.


ROPALIA Spinner Ship Rudder phone case

For the more “fashion conscience” there is this ship rudder phone case.  It’s interesting because it’s a different take on the fidget design.  Looks like a ship wheel so you can steer the conversations I suppose.


Spinner Ring Stands Grip with Hand Fidget Spinner Knob

This spinner is way different from the others.  It will fit any size phone and it basically doubles as a spinner and a phone stand.  Brings functionality and fun together.


Sprtjoy LED Fidget Spinner Mobile Phone Case

Go a little crazy with this case.  It has a pretty cool design and includes an LED spinner which in my opinion are the best types of spinners.  Colors, lights, style all together.


There are more an more phone cases that keep coming out.  Most of the cases seem to be focused on iPhone users at the moment though I’m hoping we see a fidget spinner Android phone case soon.  Would be nice to see all of the above designs available for different phone types.






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